Do you dare to go bare?


Get smooth and stay smooth with our professional waxing services. As a regional trainer for Satin Smooth Waxing Systems, Melissa offers a whole new level of customization with your waxing service.


Modern Aesthetics offers both hard & soft wax and several different waxing blends that are appropriate for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, aging skin & more!

Plus, we offer the most comfortable Brazilian Wax in the Chippewa Valley!

Facial Waxing

Nose Wax $20  

Ear Wax $20

Nape of Neck Wax $30

Upper & Lower Lip Wax $20

Upper Lip & Chin Wax $30

Chin Wax $15

Full Face Wax $60

Body Waxing

Full Legs, Brazilian & Underarms Wax $200

Half Legs, Half Arms & Underarms Wax $110

Full Legs, Half Arms & Bikini Line Wax $170

Full Body (Legs, Bikini, Arms, Underarms, Abs, and Brows) Wax $250

Full Back Wax $90  

Lower Back Wax $50

Full Chest Wax $80 

Abs Wax $40

Full Legs Wax $100 

Half Legs Wax $55

Full Arms Wax $50 

Half Arms Wax $40

Underarms Wax $40

Brazilian Wax $80  

Playboy Wax $85

Bikini Line Wax $55

Hands Wax $20  

Feet Wax $20

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