Virtual Consultation

Our Modern Treatments feature the most advanced skincare ingredients and technology to restore, repair, and maintain a more youthful and glowing appearance. Our complimentary virtual consultations are an excellent choice because we can keep in contact and customize your program just for you!

The complimentary virtual consultation work like this:


1. We set up a consultation call.

2. I will send you a skincare quiz to help me learn about your skin and the products you are using (if any).

3. We will have our phone call where you can learn how to optimize your skincare.

4. I will follow up with the suggested products, prices and regimens.

5. I will send you a program guide to getting clear if you decide to go ahead with the program.

6. We will be in touch so I can assess your progress and you will be well on your way to clearing!

I would love to chat with you! Let me know if you have any questions about the virtual consultation or any of my treatments or programs including Face Reality.


To set up a complimentary virtual consultation you can directly message me on Facebook or Instagram, or filling our contact form here, or send me an email to

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