unlimited waxing monthly membership

To celebrate the reopening and to get ready for summer, I wanted to do something special for YOU! That's why I'm launching the Modern Aesthetics Unlimited Waxing Membership!

How does it work?

Every month you can choose one or more Waxing Services listed in the Unlimited Waxing Membership, the total price will be charged to your credit/debit card on the same day each month.


Once enrolled you will have unlimited waxing to the waxing service you have!


For being member, any other waxing services are 10% OFF of the regular price!

What Waxing Services can I choose?

You can choose one or more of the following Unlimited Waxing Services every month:

What are the perks of waxing regularly?

- Better results

- Smooth skin

- Reduced chance of ingrown hairs

- Save $$ money!

What are the benefits?

- Unlimited Waxing(*)

- Save $$ money!

- 10% OFF in ALL other Waxing Services

- Automated monthly payments

- Cancel anytime(**)

- Opening Special: No enrollment fee!


(*) To prevent breakage and skin irritation, hair must be an appropriate length for waxing.

(**) Cancelation can be done at anytime after third month of membership.

How do I become an Unlimited Waxing Member?

For becoming an Unlimited Waxing Member please send us a message via our social media on Facebook or on Instagram. Or if you prefer, fill our contact form or send us an email to modernaestheticsec@gmail.com or call us at +1.715.514.2672.

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